Vallès – St. Lucia (Cosmonaut grechko Remix)

VallèsIt’s only the middle of the week and the weather here in the UK is drab, wet and dreary. We’re in need of a break here at Friday Style, and what better way to do so with Vallès and Cosmonaut Grechko. Vallès is very new to the scene, a 21 year old Frenchman working from Ibiza. Cosmonaut Grechko hasn’t been featured here before, but I’ve been a huge fan for a number of years now, ever since his remix of ‘We Can Dance by’ Chilly Gonzales. The original of ‘St. Lucia’ is a house funk mix, with a real French spin. It’s a great track, and the remix slows thing down slightly, adds a little more groove into the mix. With easy synths and relaxing piano, Cosmonaut Grechko has done a fantastic job in creating a mellow tune perfect for a mid-week reset.

The St. Lucia EP, Vallès’ first release, is out now to download through Neonized Records. Hopefully we’ll be hearing more in the coming months!

Check it out.

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