Above & Beyond – Acoustic

above & beyondAbove & Beyond are hugely famous in the trance world, and have garnered much respect for their production skills, DJing all over the world to vast amounts of people. They don’t really feature much here on Friday Style, not really fitting into the genres we blog about, though I am a fan all the same. Acoustic is a very different project for the trio, which began with a week of acoustic performances in Porchester Hall, London last year. After the success in London, Above & Beyond put on two sold out shows in the Greek Theatre, Los Angeles. An amazing venue that enhanced the performances, acoustic has now become an album, produced to the same high standards of Above & Beyond’s more ‘traditional’ output.

First of all, the album is just so beautiful. It’s truly amazing being able to hear the tracks in such a different form, stripped back to the vocals, orchestrated and re-arranged. The boys mentioned that a lot of their tracks actually begin life in an acoustic form, so it’s interesting to see into the writing process and imagine these huge club tracks taking shape on a piano. It’s a shame the original vocalists weren’t able to come back to perform some of the tracks, but Alex Vargas and Annie Drury do a fine job in replicating the deep and powerful vocals of Richard Bedford and the light and delicate sounds of Justine Suissa.

I’ve decided to post “Thing Called Love” on here, as it’s a track that some of you may have heard before in its trance form, though it’s incredibly hard to pick a favourite track. If you have a chance, check out the full film of the performance here. It’s even better to watch them perform it, making the whole thing seem even more special!

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