London Grammar – Hey Now (Tensnake Remix)

london grammarTensnake has been pretty much filling in for lost time with a multitude of releases over the past few weeks. He gave his take on Duke Dumont’s new single ‘I Got U’ a few days ago, however we’ve decided to post his remix of London Grammar. ‘Hey Now’ has been performing well in the UK charts but it’s not really a song you’d associate with Friday Style. Tensnake’s remix is however. It’s a little experimental, a little pensive, and very good. Slow to begin with, it drops into a funky disco inspired remix that screams Tensnake – infectious.

We’re very excited to hear Tensnake’s upcoming album ‘Glow’ which is out on Monday!

Check it out.

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  1. […] 4 months later, and ‘Hey Now’ is still sending shivers down our spines here at Friday Style. Though this ones a little deeper than the Tensnake interpretation we posted previously. Italian producer Addal is somewhat mysterious, using the phrase ‘emotional music’ throughout – and to good effect. This version of the already wistful ‘Hey Now’ is minimalistic, adding a few drums, retaining the haunting guitars and gunshot sound effects. Then it changes, some synths come in and the experimentalism comes to a climax. We highly recommend you check Addal out. Watch this space. […]

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