ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Cosmonaut Grechko – Luv/More EP

cosmonautCosmonaut Grechko’s production is so sporadic, which means whenever we hear something new is on its way, the excitement builds into something of a monster. But ‘Luv/More’ snuck up on us, and I woke up this morning to find this fantastic EP waiting for me in my Soundcloud stream. ‘Luv’ is a wonderful instrumental track, akin to something you might hear in a James Bond film, but whizzed up and with added beats. It’s fun, but also quite thoughtful, retaining the disco vibes we all know and love. ‘More’ begins with a more deep house style, a new offering from Grechko, using an unknown sample to produce a snipped vocal repeating throughout. It’s more relaxing, and perhaps not as good as ‘Luv’, but a sure reminder as to just how good Cosmo is. Here’s to some more regular releases in the future!


So go ahead and check it out! It’s even available as a FREE DOWNLOAD

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