Daft Punk Double: Say Lou Lou, Drewv and Daniela Andrade

daft punk doubleIt’s been a while since we post anything Daft Punk related – we’re still waiting on tour news! A few weeks ago I stumbled across two beautiful covers:

Something About Us(drewv x Daniela Andrade Cover)

NYC based Drewv, who we know very little about, has teamed up with Canadian singer songwriter Daniela Andrade. Daniela has built up quite a following with a number of high-profile, dreamy acoustic covers of hit songs such as Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’. ‘Something About Us’ has always been one of the robots’ slower ballads, but this cover slows it down more, simplifying it to the raw elements and producing a beautiful piece.

Instant Crush (Say Lou Lou Cover)

‘Instant Crush’ has been changed to become an epic, cinematic experience with pulsing heartbeats and experimental guitars. Say Lou Lou have really done well with this. The girls’ vocals drift over melodically, but the feeling is still there.

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