Traveler – Forget Me (Original Mix)

travelerAfter a number of remixes under their belts, it’s only natural for American duo Traveler to try their hand at a first original since re-launching. I have to say I was hugely excited to hear this and haven’t been disappointed. Though what ‘Forget Me’ lacks in the instant recognisable sounds of the remixes, it makes up for in the rich, musical rays of sunshine that the boys bring to all of their productions.

Think pulsing beats, youthful colour and expert soundscapes. The duo is made up of Zander and Peitzke, with Zander  saying: “Peitzke and I have been working really hard on these originals. I feel very inspired right now. We have so many amazing ideas we want to share. Releasing new music can be a little nerve-racking at times, but it’s so satisfying to share our music with the world and have people connect with it. We’re really happy with ‘Forget Me’ and we have a lot more originals and remixes coming out soon!”

We can’t wait. Listen below.


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