The Police – Message In A Bottle (Kayliox ‘Deep House’ Remix)

There’s always something about remixes of old classics that makes me smile. Tracks that have a distict character, that then get reinvented 20 years (or more!) later really stands testiment to the magic. In this one, Canadian duo Kayliox turn ‘Message in a Bottle’ into a groovy deep house number. I’m expecting this one to … Continue reading

Tennyson – With You

If you’ve got a good speaker system hooked up, you’ll really hear the brilliance of this track. It’s not often we hear something so clean, crisp and cool as ‘With You’ by Luke Tennyson and Tess Pretty, the Canadian duo otherwise known as Tennyson. ‘With You’ is impossible to place in a genre – and … Continue reading

Passenger – Circles (Elkoe Remix)

So as far as we can see, Elkoe has been around for less than a month (online at least). Passenger seems to be a pretty logical artist to remix for this kind of genre. It’s Kygo inspired, chilled out indie influenced house remixes which a so great to either sit back and indulge in, or … Continue reading

Pharrell Williams – Happy (Kayliox Remix)

We’ve been searching for some time now, and until now, we haven’t been able to find a properly good remix of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’. Kayliox, a Canadian electro duo who appear to have been going for almost exactly a year, deliver something so surprising it is inspiring and amazing. They somehow have an electro sounding record … Continue reading