Remember this one from Deadmau5? It’s had a little rework from producer Blu J and the result is pretty lush! You might recognise the name from the archives, with Blu J having featured on Friday Style with ‘OVRNGHT CLBRTY’. Unfortunately we still don’t really know much about the producer but with more remixes like this, … Continue reading

deadmau5 – Some Chords (NEUS Remix)

Whilst most of the music we feature includes vocals, sometimes it’s nice to sit back and appreciate the simpler things… ‘Some Chords’ is just that. Whilst the original was perhaps a little repetitive at times, NEUS has stripped it back to its mere details, retained the structure of the chords, and created something quite beautiful. … Continue reading

MASHUP MONDAYS: Discosid – Arcadium

As any of the regular Friday Style viewers will know, Mondays are devoted to mashups! This week, we feature Discosid, the UK producer who pretty much focuses all his attentions on creating quality mixes of songs. ‘Arcadium’ uses Deadmau5’s sexy house track ‘Arcadia’ (which sounds like a perfect futuristic night-time motorway driving track – I’m … Continue reading