Amine Edge & DANCE Feat PTAF ‘Boss Ass Bitch’ (Original Boss Mix)

Some heavy G-House from Anime Edge & DANCE.¬†Known for their unique brand of hip-hop infused bassy house, the French duo, with the help of their ‘CUFF’ label, have become the foremost players in this scene. With the ever-increasing popularity of a moodier, more mellow club-House sound (a la Hannah Wants), it is refreshing to see … Continue reading

Dash Groove – Supermassive (Original Mix)

Moody G-House number from Cuff new-boys Dash Groove. Muse’s ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ provides the track with a unique but familiar vocal hook, this contrasting wonderfully with the dark brooding bassline Cuff tracks are renowned for. This imprint is going from strength to strength, hosting parties over the world, it being a welcome relief from the … Continue reading