MASHUP MONDAYS: DJ Palermo – Lucky Star/Billie Jean/Loving You Is Easy (SG Mashup)

‘Loving You is Easy’ is a personal favourite, and when we saw these other classics mixed in – who could resist? By far the best part of this mashup is DJ Palermo’s running together of the songs, making the lyrics become “Bille Jean is my Lucky Star / But I’m the luckiest by far” ‘Billie … Continue reading

MASHUP MONDAYS: Bastard Bob – Is Easy to be Happy

Camo & Krooked’s ‘Loving You Is Easy’ is one of my personal favourites. So different from their usually dub-heavy output, it features slick vocals and groovy synths. Bastard Bob adds Pharrell into the mix and we have a great effort! ‘Happy’ changes from its pop base to a funky underground record. Check it out.