Tom Misch and Jordan Rakei – Valley

After the magical Beat Tape 2 last year and string of follow up streams on soundcloud, every release from Tom Misch is a joy to behold with effortlessly cool production, infectious hip-hop lounge vibes and fantastic composition. You wouldn’t believe it, but ‘Valley’ was written, performed, recorded and mixed in just one day, part of … Continue reading

Miami Horror – Sober feat Queen Magic (Childish Gambino Cover)

What I’ve always liked about Childish Gambino is his laid back rap verses. ‘Sober’ has a poppy, almost ballad-esque feel to it (along with a brilliant video). Miami Horror, having teamed up with vocalist Queen Magic, put their own, electronic yet breezy spin on the track.

Ellie Goulding – Lights (GAMPER & DADONI Remix)

Every now and then you get a song that pops up everywhere; that everyone has a go at remixing, and it becomes a little overplayed. Even though there were some great remixes of ‘Lights’ produced, it got a little tired. That said, Gamper & Dadoni have added a breath of fresh air, adding their signature … Continue reading

Galantis – Gold Dust (Original Mix)

A new, surprise release from Swedish electro-pop duo Galantis. ‘Gold Dust’ lives up to its name and then some – an absolutely magical piano intro combines with some equally magical vocals, all of which culminates in a wonderfully infectious hook and a pulsing bassline. Festival music should be fun and emotive, two traits which Galantis … Continue reading

Magic! – Rude (Zedd Remix)

Magic’s ‘Rude’ is a firm favourite here at Friday Style, and then Zedd came along and dropped this insane remix at Lollapalooza and we went wild. Beginning with ‘Spectrum’ esque synths, the beat comes and we have Madeon styled drops, trap themed drums and a whole lot inbetween. We love you, Zedd. Check it out. … Continue reading