Midnight Club – My Mind

With electronic music now spanning far and wide, it’s nice to hear newer artists are still creating disco and funk-infused dance music. The duo have been going for just under a year, producing what can only be described as feel-good disco. Think Duck Sauce meets Justice. ‘My Mind’ is no different, sampling Rufus’ 1978 record … Continue reading

Walter Sobcek – Midnight Crush (Synapson Remix)

If you’ve got good speakers, turn up the bass right now! Funky basslines are the order of the day for Walter Sobcek’s ‘Midnight Crush’. We haven’t featured Sobcek on Friday Style before, so here’s the deal: he’s French and he’s been around since 2010 creating disco styled dance tunes. Mereki, who you may have heard … Continue reading

Coldplay – Midnight (Dack Bootleg Remix)

It’s finally Friday – so here’s something a bit heavier to kick start your day and get ready for the weekend. Coldplay’s latest single ‘Midnight’ is very different from anything else we’ve heard from them. Complex, calming and interesting, it reminded me of Imogen Heap. Either way, Dack has managed to turn it into something … Continue reading