Sam Padrul – Why Do I Do (Ft. Jason Gaffner)

Jamiroquai, Craig David, Breakbot… the comparisons are varied, diverse but all have a funky, poppy edge. Chicago based producer Sam Padrul takes all these inspirations on board to create a crazy, poppy and altogether brilliant creation in ‘Why Do I Do.’ My favourite Padrul record so far! Check it out.

Sam Padrul – Skylight (Ft. Alex Lewis)

Last time we posted about Sam Padrul it was for the lazy disco ‘Feel The Love’, and ‘Skylight’ is no different. It’s got a Daft Punk style to it, which clearly means it couldn’t get any better! Poppy, funky, infused with all the good that comes with electronic music and mixed with a sultry bassline. … Continue reading

Sam Padrul – Feel The Love (feat. Chuck New)

A nice bit of Sunday morning disco to start the day! Sam Padrul is a modern master of electro funk, infused with disco vibes and slick synths. ‘Feel the Love’ is no different, with a little poppy feel as well.Check it out.