MASHUP MONDAYS: Smija – Am I Wrong About These Pumped Up Kicks?

Smija hasn’t been featured on Mashup Mondays before, so here’s the lowdown – Smija is also known as Jake Smith, and is based in Lewisville, US. His album of mashups was released a few weeks ago, and ‘Am I Wrong About These Pumped Up Kicks?’ features. We always hail simplicity with mashups, and Smija does … Continue reading

Tourist – I Can’t Keep Up (feat. Will Heard)

2014 is most definitely going to be the year we see Tourist hit the big time. After the huge Sonnentanz last year, Will Heard hasn’t been up to much so it’s nice to hear more from the UK singer-songwriter! ‘I Can’t Keep Up’ is a slow burning house track, focusing heavily on Will’s vocals. It … Continue reading

Disco Fries & Damien Anthony – Get Up

New Years is just around the corner and for all those who may be attending a WHP style rave – I imagine this will be a big hit. Loud, strong and with plenty of heavy beats, Get Up contains all the elements needed for a house smasher! So we would suggest waiting until the evening … Continue reading