So 2014 went pretty fast! We’ve had some great music, yet more crossover genres and EDM has now become the genre of choice. As always, I’m a big fan of the year-in-review megamixes featuring the biggest hits of the year all rolled into one. Here are our round-up of the best. So far, I think … Continue reading

Nico & Vinz – Am I Wrong (Gryffin Remix)

Congratulations to Nico & Vinz on their UK number 1! We didn’t realise that Nico & Vinz actually formed in 2008 under the name Envy before changing with the popularity of ‘Am I Wrong’ – it’s refreshing to hear something a bit different have such strong mainstream success. In fact, the song is so good … Continue reading

MASHUP MONDAYS: Smija – Am I Wrong About These Pumped Up Kicks?

Smija hasn’t been featured on Mashup Mondays before, so here’s the lowdown – Smija is also known as Jake Smith, and is based in Lewisville, US. His album of mashups was released a few weeks ago, and ‘Am I Wrong About These Pumped Up Kicks?’ features. We always hail simplicity with mashups, and Smija does … Continue reading