Martin Solveig – +1 (feat. Sam White) (Jayceeoh Remix)

I’m not a huge fan of the original but can certainly see it’s appeal. With it’s infectious vocal hook, heavy bass and tight production, Martin Solveig is doing a good job at turning his output into pretty respectable dance/house at the moment. What Jayceeoh delivers is a bit more class, removing the formulaic aspects of … Continue reading

Oliver Heldens & Throttle – Waiting

After much hype and the brilliant Earth Wind and Fire remix, finally the full version of ‘Waiting’ is available. Yet again Throttle really has pulled it out of the bag, this time with a little help from established Oliver Heldens. The blending of the two styles is fantastic, with Throttle’s unique disco vibes contrasting to … Continue reading

Calvin Harris & Disciples – How Deep Is Your Love (Liva K Remix)

You can’t argue, ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ was a surprising new direction for Calvin Harris. The dance tune master certainly made something completely different with the help of Disciples, whilst still producing a brilliant record. Liva K’s remix isn’t really breaking any boundaries, but is still a great effort of how re-thinking a track … Continue reading

Oliver Nelson – Found Your Love (Ft. Heir)

A huge congratulations must go to Oliver Nelson, who, after countless amazing remixes, reworks and collaborations, has finally come up with an original track! ‘Found Your Love’ is pretty much exactly what you might expect, a groovy electro-pop styled track with funk influences and top-notch production. This one features vocals from Heir, which is actually … Continue reading

Alex Young / Lontalius – Maybe Your Smile Will

Alex Young yet again surprises us with another diverse release. Teaming up with Lontalius, a 17 year old singer from New Zealand, ‘Maybe Your Smile Will’ is a perfect moody R&B styled, electronic track. It’s impossible not to sit back and appreciate this, so stop what you’re doing and watch the world go by for … Continue reading

Sam Smith – Leave Your Lover (Motez Remix)

When listening to Sam Smith’s album last year I was struck by the simplicity of ‘Leave Your Lover’ – and surprised this didn’t become the next single as a natural progression from ‘Stay With Me’. Either way, Motez has really turned this one around into a fast paced and bouncy record with little memory of … Continue reading